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      Crystalens Specialist Des Plaines IL

      As an experienced Chicago Crystalens specialist, Dr. James Katz implants these lenses as part of cataract surgery and as part of the refractive lens exchange procedure. In fact, Dr. James Katz is one of the few refractive surgeons in the Chicago area who is certified to use such a wide variety of breakthrough intraocular lens implants (IOLs).

      How Does Crystalens Accommodating Lens Differ From other IOLs?

      The first and only lens of its kind that is FDA-approved, the Crystalens accommodating lens takes its design cues from nature. The lens's flexible hinge enables movement much like your natural lens when you need to focus on something far away, close-up or at an intermediate distance. It works in concert with the eye's muscles to flex or "accommodate" for near, distant or intermediate focus.

      No lens comes closer to mirroring the function of your natural lens. More than twice the number of patients implanted with a Crystalens IOL could see at all distances compared to a standard intraocular lens implant. Most of our Crystalens Chicago patients are able to read a newspaper, see their computers, and read the clock across the room without glasses.

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