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      What is Myopia?

      Myopia Treatment Des Plaines IL

      Myopia is the medical term for the condition known as nearsightedness.

      As the name implies, people who are nearsighted can easily see objects that are near to them but struggle with objects that are far away.

      Myopia affects people from all walks of life and of all ages.

      What Causes Myopia?

      Nearsightedness itself is caused by a refractive error in the eyes. This refers to the refraction of light that is the cornerstone of healthy vision. In a case of myopia, the light that would normally be focused on the retina directly instead lands in front of it.

      It isn’t currently known why some people develop myopia and others do not. However, certain risk factors increase a person’s likeliness of being nearsighted:

      • Family history
      • Heavy amounts of up-close reading or work over a lifetime

      What Are the Symptoms of Myopia?

      Common symptoms of myopia include:

      • Blurry vision
      • Headaches from eyestrain
      • Frequent squinting
      • Double vision
      • Trouble seeing at night
      • Difficulty driving or navigating

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      Myopia Treatment

      Myopia is very treatable, with nearly every person diagnosed with the condition receiving a measurable improvement in vision. Common types of myopia treatment include:

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